Year-Round Patrols for Clovelly Beach After Hundreds Rescued

Randwick City Council announced today that Clovelly Beach will now have year-round professional patrols, between sunrise and sunset, seven days a week.

The decision comes after an alarming number of rescues and incidents over the recent spring and summer seasons. From July 2023 to the end of summer 2024, lifeguards at Randwick beaches performed 648 rescues and administered first aid over 5,100 times. They also responded to 102 major incidents including drownings, near-drownings, and resuscitations.

With 4.7 million visits to our beaches since July, including 3.76 million over spring and summer, it’s certain that the beaches are incredibly popular all year round.

“Residents and visitors alike love to visit beaches in the Randwick Council area to enjoy the pristine coastal environment in this beautiful corner of the world,” Ms Veitch said.

“While it’s incredible to have an ocean playground on our doorstep, enjoying the water comes with risk, whatever the time of year.”

Randwick Mayor Philipa Veitch said year-round patrols are critical for public safety after a 2023 review showed increasing numbers swimming at Clovelly during off-peak seasons.

Clovelly joins Coogee and Maroubra as beaches in Randwick receiving the expanded coverage. Last summer also saw the return of patrols to Malabar Beach for the first time in 20 years, as well as the introduction of new patrols at Little Bay Beach due to drowning incidents and public demand.

During those patrols, there were around 350,000 beach visits, with lifeguards performing four rescues and 959 first aid cases.

The data shows extending coverage to unpatrolled beaches saves lives. “Already lifeguards estimate that there have been 330,000 visits to Clovelly Beach since the summer season ended. They have performed nine rescues and administered first aid to 476 people visiting Clovelly in this time,” Mayor Veitch stated. 

The council is urging all beachgoers to heed safety guidelines: swim between the red and yellow flags only, don’t swim after eating or under the influence, never enter if no flags are present, and follow all lifeguard instructions.

“If you’re visiting the beach in the Randwick Council area during what will hopefully be a beautiful Sydney winter, please ensure you swim at a patrolled beach and follow the instructions of the Lifeguards.”

Published 18-May-2024