Make Your Home Stylish With Pieces From This Clovelly Store

Duke and D Home

With many choosing to remain indoors because of the current public health crisis, it doesn’t come as a surprise that people are more inspired to redecorate their places. To make the process easier, it helps to have a one-stop shop where they can buy all their home decor essentials. 

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In Sydney, one of the best places to shop for home decors is Duke and D Home. Located in Clovelly, Duke and D HOME is a delightful store filled with unique homewares and furniture to redecorate your home. They offer everything from thoughtfully sourced handmade creations by local artisans and illustrators; to an eclectic mix of contemporary interiors and unique finds from abroad.

Here you can find a range of pots and planters, as well as faux greenery. They also have linen, cotton, corduroy, feather filled, and outdoor cushions. There are vinyl floor mats which are colourful and come in a range of patterns and sizes.

To bring a decorative and personal touch to your home, they have scented candles and to organize better, hampers and storage baskets which come in various textures and sizes. On a slightly higher budget, you can even pick up some of their cowhide stools, metal side tables, armchairs, and bench seats. 

Some of the items at the store (Photo credit: Duke and D HOME/Facebook)
Scented soy candles (Photo credit: Duke and D HOME/Facebook)
Decors (Photo credit: Duke and D HOME/Facebook)

Aside from home decors, Duke and D HOME is offering wonderful gift ideas such as jewellery, body products, crystal candles, and greeting cards. If you’re not sure where to start, you can browse their collection via Instagram @dukeanddhome or through their Facebook page. For gifts, they can post nationwide. Simply send them a message for sales and postage information.

As part of safety measures, Duke and D HOME requests customers to wear a mask and use their QR code when visiting the store.