Some Locals Oppose Proposed Amenities and Field Upgrade at Clovelly Crocs Home

Locals Are up in Arms Against Proposed Amenities and Field Upgrade at Clovelly Crocs Home

The proposed upgrading of amenities and field at Burrows Park, the home ground of the Clovelly Crocs Junior Rugby League Club, has met strong opposition from some community members who have raised several concerns about the plans. 

Burrows Park, its sports field, and associated amenities building, have been proposed to undergo an upgrade as the building is deemed old and non-compliant with current building codes. 

The upgrade would also mean that the ground, which is currently smaller than the NRL standard size, will be extended by 10 metres to allow U13-aged teams and above to play games at Burrows Park.

Council is reported to have allocated $250,000 to investigate the project which is expected to cost about $4 million to deliver.

“This upgrade is essential to retaining and attracting participation in the local Rugby sporting codes and community-based sport, including continuing to grow female participation which has seen significant growth over the past 3 years,” the Clovelly Crocs statement last October 2022 reads.

It will also ensure the continued survival of both the Clovelly Crocodiles and Clovelly Eagles. The Clovelly Crocodiles have been based at Burrows Park since inception and with over 100 years of history in our local Clovelly community, this essential upgrade will ensure the success of the club for many more years to come.”

Just recently, though, the Crocs has reportedly abandoned the plans to have the sportsfield expanded following a strong opposition from some residents who raised several issues against the proposal. The club, however, would still support the ground re-turfing and upgrading the facilities at Burrows Park.

Some of those who oppose the proposal fear that the field becoming bigger would mean that it would be used by the Sydney Roosters.

Likewise, Friends of Burrows Park said that residents, as well as recreational users of the space including runners, dog walkers, bird watchers and beachgoers, are opposed to the idea. These groups are said to be concerned that the dog park would later be used as a parking area to accommodate the expected increase in the number of visitors.

Locals also fear that the project would impact their quiet enjoyment of their homes and the recreational space, given the noise and parking congestion the project would create. 

Clovelly Eagles, which also uses the ground, is said to be opposed to the proposed upgrade as well.

In its announcement last October 2022, Council said that residents will be consulted about the proposal once a scope and concept have been developed.