Learn to Spot Edibles at Clovelly Beach! Join the Seaside Foraging Workshop

Do you want to learn how to identify edibles at Clovelly Beach? Well-known forager Diego Bonetto and wild food expert Oliver Brown will teach you how in a 3-hour Seaside Foraging Workshop.

The class will take place on Sunday, the 31st of March, from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., and your classroom will be from the stretch of Gordons Bay to Shark Point at Clovelly.

Photo Credit: Google Maps

Mr Bonnetto and Mr Brown will talk about different varieties of seaweeds, plants and wild food which can be found and harvested at the coastlines. They will also teach eager students about preparing and cooking dishes using these food sources.

Mr Bonnetto moved from a dairy farm in Italy to Australia in the 1990s. Having worked in orchards and gardens in his youth, he became passionate about expanding his knowledge on botany. Since 2017, Mr. Bonnetto has conducted more than 150 foraging workshops around Australia.

Mr Brown, on the other hand, is an archeologist, but he also describes himself as a hunter, fisher, gardener, forager, beekeeper and cook all rolled into one.

The class will hold a valuable discussion on the legal and ecological implications of how locals take good care of the resources in the land and sea. This activity is perfect for families who would like their kids to be more informed about sustainable living.

Photo Credit: Diego Bonnetto/Facebook

Additional research and reading materials will be provided to the participants of the Seaside Foraging Workshop so they can continue to explore the coastlines at their convenient time.

Tickets to the workshop have to be booked ahead for a fee of $40 per person.